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App Name UC Mini App
Version 10.7.8
File size 4.7MB
Developer UCWeb.com
Downloads 12,21,38,000

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UC Mini APK is one of the most famous and fastest web browsers which is available for Android devices. You can download this browser for free. UC Mini APP not only provides you with high download speed but it even let’s you save your internet data. It is a very handy browser for android with incredibly small size, which means it won’t take much of your storage space. It has some of the best features which no other browser has, giving you best ever internet browsing and downloading experience. Download UC Mini Browser.


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UC Browser Mini Download

The UC Mini for Android web browser surpasses the expectations that one has from a mobile level internet browser. It outsmarts all the current existing browsers. Unlike the other popular ones in the pool, this one has features unique enough to woo even the gravest of the tech-critics out there. Not many of the users can find disliking features in this browser. Thanks to the ingenious approach of china research team, they founded the Download UC Mini browser in 2009. With that, he enabled thousands of people to get free, fast internet access with just a tap on a screen. The best feature of the UC Mini APK is that, every time a user accesses the web via UC Mini APP, he/she receives credits that can be used to do a prepaid recharge on your device (Indian prepaid users).

About UC Mini APP

UC Mini APK as the the name suggests is a web browsing software. It is one of the most fastest browsers of all time. It offer its users secure browsing. It was developed by Chinese mobile company by name of UCWeb and is owned by Alibaba group of China. Launched in April 2004, it was originally only a J2ME-only application, but now it is available on a number of platforms which includes Android, Symbian, Blackberry operating system, JAVA ME and Microsoft windows.With a slogan as “UC inside, world in hand”, it completely justifies what it states.It has U4 engine based on Webkit.It is available in major languages of the world such as English , Bangla, Hindi Tamil, Telugu, Russian, Spanish Arabic and French. UC web also invented it smaller but equally brilliant version know as Download UC Mini.

UC Mini is app for mobile devices, developed by a Chinese company. It has launched over twelve years ago, and as stated earlier, today it is available and extremely popular on many platforms such as Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, iOs and BlackBerry. It is one of the nost demanding apps today when it comes to browsers.The user base of the application largely comes from Indian subcontinent, China,and Indonesia, and is increasingly spreading to other regional places. Today it has over half a billion users, and it is considered as the second most used browser on mobile phones, right behind Google Chrome. Users usually use Android systems to access this browser, and there is an estimate that over half of UC mini app, users are accessing it through their Android smartphones. And the good news is that, UC Mini app install comes loaded with equally ravishing features as of its larger version..

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The UC mini app uses technology of cloud acceleration and data compression. It is one of the latest technologies used in todays time in web browsing apps. In this type of technology their servers  act as proxy, and they  compress the data of the web sites before they are sent to the users. It is one of the greatest technologies of all time that is used in UC Mini app. It is a smart technology put to use in a wonderful app such as this. This type of process helps the web content to be loaded much quicker and easier. This technology, makes UC Mini app work faster and in a more efficient way. Efficiency is what you get when you use the UC Mini web browser. It is an app that gives you a great browsing experience. Productivity is the exact word which better explains its goodness.

More About UC Mini Browser Download

UC mini app is a pretty good alternative to other web browsers, and it is also free. Download UC Mini is fast, it loads quickly and it does come with some very nice features. Extensions are also supported, giving this browser an added functionality. You can also move to browsing on a full screen, with just one press on a button. The latest Android update also includes support for loading pages on devices that have more than 2GB Ram memory. It comes in handy when it comes to features. The list of features exceeds an other browser apps.

uc mini

Another latest new feature in UC Mini APK or UC Browser app (http://ucminiapp.in/)  for Android devices is the download manager. It is very handy feature, especially when you want to save multiple files at once. The application will let you select the elements of the page that you want to save. This is perfect and very helpful if you want to save only images from a web page, or if your connection is slow and you do not want to get stuck when the download is on its way. This type features one cannot find n all the browsing apps.

UC Mini Download also automatically loads the web page version that is the most compatible with the speed of your internet connection. This is very interesting and helpful feature, because you will have no problems while browsing different web pages. Uc mini provides a versatile features which cannot be found in all the apps. However, not everything is smooth and there are a couple of cons as well. First of all, most of the options take lots of space on the phone screen and second, you cannot instantly access the tabs. Instead, you have to go to the tabs menu first in order to see what pages have you loaded. Sharing of web pages is lot faster and stronger than in Chrome browser, but one setback is that you are required to make a sign-in to your different networks in order to find the application of any use. Sharing becomes as easy as eating biscuits. Sharing is something not every app can provide. UC Mini Download is one such app that provides quality experience for the user.

Probably the best feature about UC Browser Mini for Android that makes it stand out from the rest is the multi-touch feature. With this feature you can move between web pages by swiping the screen left and right with your fingers. If you swipe up the screen you will open a new tab on the browser, while swiping down on the screen you will close the tab.

Google Zeitgeist 2013 showed that the “most Searched Mobile app” in India are dominated by messaging and browsing apps with Whatsapp and UC mini topping the rankings for most searches on mobile in 2017.

Features of UC Mini APP

UC Mini browser has been updated from time to time and has been user-friendly. The simple interface makes it easier to use. Uc mini web browser comes loaded with hundreds of really cool features because of which it is regarded as one of the best web browsers in the world. As per the official stats laid down by the company, uc mini web browser has been downloaded more than 20 million times, and the app boasts of a daily user count of over a million. With these statistics, it is safe to say that not only is uc mini web browser loved by millions, but is even trustworthy to outshine in such a competitive environment. Some of the features of uc mini web browser are Some other reasons that made it popular are:

Night Mode: The night mode feature helps you save your battery life. If you are running out of your battery then you must switch to the night mode in the UC Mini. Thus it extends your battery life. This feature also helps you protect your eyes while browsing at night. What this feature does is that it reduces the screen light. This feature is totally free. You can switch to the night mode in UC Mini by going into the menu and clicking on the night option. If you like to read and are forced to shut down your mobile phone at night because of your room partners then this the perfect app for you. The uc mini app gives you this unique and very useful feature which you may not find even in large apps such as mozzilla firefox or google chrome.

Efficiency: UC mini is not only available for Android phones with lesser space nut also other platforms such as windows phones an  many other platform for android. In such cases, you can use the UC Mini Download version. In this way, you can enjoy this tiny package on your android phone which has lower spaces. It takes a maximum of around 18 MBs space for installation which is much less than the Download UC Mini. The User Interface of this mini version is also a bit different from the UC Mini for Android. It has more robust download features as compared to UC Mini app.

Cloud Boost Technology: This technology basically uses the Uc mini server to boost the speed of browsing. This makes loading a bit faster. You are allowed to enable or disable this feature as per your choice. This cloud system gets data from the server that is available nearest to it. This makes the loading time faster. If you are talking about fast browsing apps there is no better app than uc mini.

Gesture Browsing: You can enjoy browsing by gesturing on UC mini. It is an addition feature in UC mini. Save the gestures of your favorite website and you can visit them by drawing those gestures.

Click the gesture icon on the UC Browser Mini and draw the gesture of the website you intend to visit by your finger. Then you will see the magic. You can also switch tabs in UC Mini APP by using this gesture browsing technique. Similarly, you can open the tabs or close them by simply swiping up or down. This turns out to be the one the best features of Uc mini app. Not many apps gives you access to such cool features.

Multilingual : As this browser has more than 400 million users this means people of different countries having different languages would be using it. It can be used in almost 11 languages.

You can enjoy it on all popular OS also. These Operating Systems include:

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Symbian

Why choose & install/download UC Mini for Android

uc mini apk download

Downloads in the Background: When you quit your UC Mini APK, the download process will keep on going. It won’t stop on closing the browser.If this downloading process becomes disconnected by Wi-Fi connection then it will resume whenever the connection becomes stable. Getting to download content in the background simultaneoiusly while you are surfing the web and exploring the internet is the best thing you can get as a feature in a browsing app. These kind of features puts the uc mini app at the top of the browses list.

U-Disk: UC Mini APK gives you a great support in case of low or limited storage. If you are unable to save your files because of low storage on your phone then you can use the facility of U-Disk. U-Disk is a cloud service that stores your data in the cloud. Thus you can save your download in the cloud storage .

Optimized Preloading: In optimized preloading, the next page is preloaded when you are reading a web page on the Download UC Mini. When you are about to compete reading your current page and you are on the end of that page, the next page loads up.In this particular  way, it provides an excellent reading experience to its users.

Wi-Fi Sharing: With the Wi-Fi sharing feature of UC Browser Mini app, you can share the downloaded files with other devices on your WI-FI. File transfer becomes relatively easy.

Ad blocking Feature: Many internet users use ad blockers to block the ads. Another reason of this is to get to the faster Internet connection. UC Mini APK gives robust ad blocking features with which you can block the ads and browse faster than before.

Difference between UC Browser & UC Mini? Choose the right browser.

UC Mini is one of the best web browser available for android devices. It is the most widely used web browser in India. One of the major factor in UC Mini’s popularity is it’s ability to overcome issues like slow internet connection and network issues. UC Browser is a heavier version of UC Mini.

Whats the difference?

The major difference between UC Mini and UC Browser APK is of it’s size. UC Mini is a lighter version of UC Browser. As UC Browser Download is larger in size, it is equipped with features which UC Mini lacks.

Which one to choose? 

While choosing a web browser, the first thing that should be kept in mind is the size. If you have a high-end android smartphone with large storage capacity then, go for UC Browser APK.  And on the other hand if you have a low-end device, with less space and low specs then go for UC Mini browser. If we talk about performance, both the devices are extremely good. Both UC Browser and UC Mini comes with latest data compression technology. This unique feature helps you save alot of data while browsing the internet.

Download UC Mini APP for Android

Uc mini app download is a free browsing app for watching videos which let’s you download any content for free right on your smartphone. You can download this app from Play Store but also you can download .APK file directly which later on you can install. Even after you download .APK file of the app, there are some tweaks that you have to do in your phone’s setting in order to use the app perfectly. We have mentioned below the steps in an easy manner for you to download the app form apk file-

  1. Firstly download the .APK  file of UC Mini from it’s website which is ucmini.com
  2. Now after the download process has been completed successful. You need to make some changes in your phone’s setting if you are downloading it from apk file. You can do this by navigating to Settings->Security or Settings and from there check the Unknown Sources.
  3. Once done, now you are ready to install the app on your phone.
  4. Now navigate to the download where the .APK of UC Mini is present. Click on the APK file and follow the on screen process.
  5. When done; UC Mini app will be readily available on your Android device from which you can start using the app completely.

Download UC Browser from : http://ucminiapp.in/uc-browser-download-apk/

Download UC Mini APP for iOS

Now you can download UC Mini app and run on your IOS devices like iPod, iPad and iPhone. There are not many apps that run on android as well as on Ios devices.  It is very easy to download and use this app on your device. You cannot directly download UC Mini apk download on your iOS device since it is not available on App Store. All you need to do for downloading this app on your IOS device is choose an .ipa file format. Once the application is installed on your IOS device you need to do some temporary changes so that your IOS device accept the UC Mini APK. If you want to know how to download and install UC Mini app on your iOS device follow the steps given below the steps below will guide on how to install UC Mini on your device.

  • Firstly, go to web search and search official website of UC Mini app and then hit the download button and download the app.
  • Secondly, go to your iOS device setting and click
    Setting > security > unknown sources.
  • Once you are done with this step your iOS device is ready for installation of UC Mini apk app.
  • Thirdly, click on the install option and let the file install on your iOS device.
  • Lastly, Once you are done with installation of UC Mini apk app you are ready to use it on your device smoothly.

Download UC Mini APK for Windows Phone

UC Mini is available for windows device as well.  Windows device are very compatible therefore if you are a windows device user and want to have UC Mini on your device you just need to follow some principle so that the app is readily available for you. Windows device users you don’t need to worry about compatibility of UC Mini Install. It is available on play store so to grab this app on your device all you need to do is follow some simple steps listed below

  1. Firstly, click on the link available on the official site of UC Mini app and start downloading.
  2. Once the downloading is completed make sure your window device is ready to accept UC Mini APK file, before you begin installation process.
  3. To make your window device ready to accept UC Mini APK file follow step by step:
  • Click on your device setting > security > unknown sources.
  • Now your window is all ready to accept UC Mini APK file.

Once you finish up setting your device to accept apk file start the installation process. Once the installation is completed you are all ready to use it on your windows device. You can start downloading videos and movies on your device and enjoy.

Download UC Mini APP for PC

UC Mini APP is an android app that allow’s you to download movies, videos and audios. UC Mini 9Apps gives you continuous entertainment on your device you can watch unlimited movies and listen music. UC Mini is mainly designed for android and iOS users but it is also available for your personal computers like macbook, windows XP/vista/7/8/8.1/10 etc. All you need to do is install bluestacks android emulator to install UC Mini apk on your personal computers. Once you install bluestacks android emulator downloading and installation process becomes easy and you can enjoy android apps on your PC it acts as a mediator.

Follow the steps given below to install UC Mini app on your PC

  1. Firstly, install bluestacks android emulator on your personal computers from Here
  2. Once the downloading is completed start the installation process. After installation you are all set up to move to the next step.
  3. Secondly, open bluestacks android emulator, you will find lot of options on homepage but all you need to do is go to the search box and type Download UC Mini and hit on the search option. Once you find it start downloading and installing it on your device.
  4. After the complete process UC Browser Mini app will appear on your desktop and you are all ready to use it and enjoy your favourite movies, videos and music.

Download UC Mini APP for BlackBerry

UC Mini is build up for android and iOS users but you can download it on your blackberry device if you have version 10.2.1 or higher available on your device. You can download the UC Mini app and enjoy free and unlimited music and videos.
Here is the process how to install UC Mini on your blackberry device

  1. Firstly, go to web search and search official website of Uc Mini app and then hit the download button and download the app.
  2. Secondly, go to your blackberry device setting and click Setting > security > unknown sources. Once you are done with this step your blackberry device is ready for installation of UC Mini apk app.
  3. Thirdly, open UC Mini app and start installation process , you will receive a notification once the installation is completed.

Now you are all ready to use the app on your blackberry device. You can enjoy unlimited music and videos and at the same time you can enjoy its amazing features.

Once you Download UC Mini and start the installation process of this Browser, trust me you would be in love. The round Installation windows itself would make you fall in love with this app.
Let us talk about the interface of browser. Blue in color, with Simple and elegant look of window and tabs, Address bar, bookmarks, favorites and forget not the Select Style option available, to customize theme for your browser windows. On extreme right of Address bar you will see UC cricket icon where you will get latest score updates of cricket matches. No need to use Google/Twitter/Facebook to know the score eh? [Considering Desktop users have no Cricket apps installed on Desktop] You can synchronise your mobile bookmarks with ease, UC Mini has its own download manager you can easily pause, and resume downloads anytime unlike chrome. Added benefits such as; you can download Chrome web extensions as well. Cool themes and quick icons you can customise as you want.

UC Browser Mini FAQs

Q.) Is UC Mini browser free to download?

Ans.) Yes, UC Mini app is 100% free to download and install. You don’t need to pay any extra amount in order to use this wonderful browser.

Q.) Is UC Mini APK safe to use?

Ans.) Of course, Yes. It is 100% safe to use. Your private information is encrypted so that no one can steal it.

Q.) What makes UC Mini better than rest of the browsers?

Ans.) With UC Mini you get some of the most amazing features which no other browser provides. The best thing about UC Mini is that the speed it provides.

Q.) Is UC Mini available on Google Play also?

Ans.) Yes UC Mini browser for android is available on Google’s Play Store. You can find it Here.

So coming to the end of this article I’m providing a link below to download to Download UC Mini Browser.

UC Mini Browser Promotional Video

What’s new in UC Mini Latest Version?

Version – 11.0.0

– Search bar crash error fixed.

– New and attractive UI.

UC Mini Download

uc mini app

UC Mini APP is easy and fun to use web browser. Because of it’s great functionality it is one of the most famous web browsers globally. UC Mini APK has become #1 choose among android users.

UC Mini Browser is specially designed web browser for both Android and iOS, keeping in mind the state of internet speed in countries like India and Indonesia which data speed is very less. Therefore, UC Mini is the best browser if you are on slow data connection speed. UC Mini is just a mini version of world famous UC Browser. With UC Mini APK you can download movies very fast.

UC Mini Install helps you save your data and memory space and it greatly helps in reducing load time of a web page and gives very fast download speed.

Click on the below present download button in order to download and install UC Browser Mini on your android device.

Click Here to Download UC Mini

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