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UC Browser Download APK

Name UC Browser
Latest Version
Updated On 7 April, 2018
Size 29.18 MB
Total Downloads 500 million+
Rating 4.5/5
Requirement Android 2.3+
Developer UCWeb Inc.

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UC Browser APK

UC Browser is a world famous web browser that is absolutely free to use. It has been developed by UCWeb, a popular subsidiary of the Alibaba Group. UC Browser APP was launched way back in 2004 for mobile phones supporting J2ME. It has gained quite a name for itself and is regarded as the best mobile web browser of the time. Today, you can find UC Browser Download on a number of platforms like – Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Java, Symbian, BlackBerry OS and even on Bada and Mac. If there was open sourcing for apps, then UC Browser APK would definitely be the one. You can download UC Browser APK online for free. You can also download UC Browser IPA online for free.

About UC Browser app

Those of you who are into mobile web browsing might recall UC Browser and UC Mini. Both of these browsers have been around for quite some time. This web browser app is very famous among Android and iOS users. It is fast, light and comes loaded with so many great features to woo everybody away. Because of this, UC Browser has been downloaded more than 250 million times (on Android and iOS). UC Browser is also regarded as the best web browser for smartphones and tablets. UC Browser also boasts of a daily user count of over 10 million users per. With such astounding numbers, it is undoubtedly true to say that UC Browser is a great web browser to use. Download UC Browser APK online for free and also download UC Browser IPA online for free.

Today, in a pool of mobile web browsers, UC Browser stands tall. Special mention should go to its all new U4 Engine. U4 is an updated and fast version of the U3 Engine. The U3 Engine had some flaws which have been dealt with in the U4 Engine. With this upgrade, UC Browser Download has become a lot more secure, fast and reliable than it was before. Six out of ten Android users use Download UC Browser APK today. UC Browser app has been named the best web browser for all smartphones and tablets by a lot of tech dailies and websites. It is safe and secure, and is free from viruses. There are no malicious items in this app and there are also no bloatwares in UC Browser app.

Download UC Browser is a very popular app that is used by hundreds of millions of people. It generates a lot of traffic from Asian and European countries. Countries like India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia are regarded as the extensive users of this app. In Europe, UC Browser for Android web browser is widely used by France, Italy and the UK. It is a feature laden web browser that works flawlessly and without any issue. All you have to do is to download and install the UC Browser APK on your device and you are good to go. It is a fast, safe and secure app that works flawlessly and without lags. In order to find out more about this popular web browser, you can download UC Browser app online for free.

Features of UC Browser Download-

UC Browser web browser is so famous especially because of its features. There are so many great features of this web browser that make it stand out tall when compared to other web browsers. UC Browser is fast, safe and secure to use, and because of this, millions of people love it. Some of the key features of UC Web browser are-

  • This version of the UC Browser is a lot faster than its previous versions. It is powered by the in-house app engine, the U4 Engine that is an upgraded version of the U3 Engine. It will make your web browsing experience around 20% faster and it also consumes 20% lesser data than other web browsers. Because of this, the app runs faster and is very less prone to crashes and freezing. With this improved internet reception, the UC Browser runs faster and loads content quickly. There is also an improved web support along with video playback/download. Download this app today to find out more.
  • There is also an entirely new ‘small window’ mode in this web browser. With this feature, you can transform your full screen browser into a small window app. This small window can be dragged and arranged anywhere on your device. It is a great feature, because with this you can multi-task (browse the web while using other apps). It comes in real handy when somebody is watching online videos and want to use other apps. Thus, there are many such features that make is it the best internet browser for smartphones and tablets. You can download it online for free from Here.
  • UC Browser also supports cloud acceleration and an advanced data compression. What advanced data compression does is that it compresses the web content to an extent that it does not lose its natural form and nor does it consume much data. It is a very smart way of loading web pages in a data-saving form. With cloud acceleration enabled, the videos that are played using UC Browser get pre-loaded onto a cloud memory. Because of this, the playback is smooth and non-jittery. There are also no noticeable lags or crashes in UC Browser APK. Feel free to download it online today.
  • Because of cloud acceleration, the downloads are fast and accurate in UC Browser APK. Everything that you try to download, first gets loaded on a cloud storage where all the data is processed and finally, the downloading process gets executed. Because of this, a lot of people use UC Browser. It runs fast and there are no lags or crashes. Also, even if you have a slow internet connection, you will have no hard time in browsing the web with it. The cloud acceleration in UC Browser makes sure that the web content loads up quickly and accurately. Thus, it runs smoothly and without any issue.
  • Those of you who are big fans of cricket and want to stay connected to all the live matches, will find the Cricket Cards feature quite appealing. With this feature, you will get all the latest and the trending cricket buzz, news and score updates straight on your UC home screen. Not only that, you will also find the world famous UC News add-on along with this app. With this add-on, you can stay connected to all the worldly happenings around you with this wonderful app. You can download UC Browser online for free to find out more about it.

More features of UC Browser APK

  • There is an advanced data saver and compression technique that this app uses. With this data saver, less amount of data will be consumed while browsing the web or downloading stuff online. This data saver makes sure that only the necessary contents are loaded on a website, while other ads and applets are not loaded. Since the webpage that gets loaded is light, it does not consume much of the internet data. It even makes your app run faster and a lot swifter. The load on the processor and on the battery is also reduced because of that. In fact, you do not need a blazing fast internet connection or a flagship device to use this app. Download UC Browser app online for free.
  • UC Browser has its own embedded video downloader, a feature that no other web browser provides. With this video downloader (and another downloader feature), there is no need to use third-party apps to download videos online. All you have to do it to open the video and a download option will pop-up. Videos can be downloaded in a number of qualities – ranging from 240p to 1080p. You can download videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo and a lot of other websites using UC Browser. With UC Browser, there is no need to download any other third-party downloader or video downloader app. Thus, download UC Browser app online for free.
  • There is also an embedded downloader here in UC Browser app. With this downloader, you can download a number of files online with this app. Since it is an advanced downloader, you can add multiple files at once, pause and resume the downloads and even apply speed limiter to the downloads. You can decide where you wish to download the files and those will get downloaded in no time. You can watch all the latest and the trending videos, memes and a lot more using UC Browser. There is also a Night Mode feature that is highly convenient for night-viewing. Download UC Browser app online for free today.
  • The home-screen has all the popular websites listed and all you have to do is to tap top open them. Popular websites like – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, Ask, Amazon, Gmail and many more are already bookmarked for quick access. There is also a list of all the trending websites for the day and can be opened easily. UC Browser has got more than 300 downloads so far and the numbers are increasing daily. Thus, if you wish to be a part of the forever-growing UC family, download UC Browser online for free today.

UC Browser Download for Android-

After the worldwide success of the UC Browser on Java powered devices, the developers launched different versions of it on Android as well. Not just on Android, the UC Browser was also launched for iOS and Windows. It is a great Android app that works really well on each and every Android device. The UB Browser APK file is small in size and so is the app itself. It does not take much time to download or to install. It works really well on each and every Android device. Because of this, it has managed to become the best web browser on Android. It surpasses all the other browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and even mCent. Download UC Browser APK file online for free.

UC Browser does not require a very fast Android device to run. All it needs is a simple dual-core device with at least 1 GB of RAM. The APK file itself is merely less than 20 MB in size. Once UC Browser APK gets downloaded, the installation process is very simple. There are hundreds of great features of this app that make it one of the best apps on Android. There are no lags or crashes unlike many other Android apps. There are no viruses or other harmful agents in this app (or even in the APK). It is a perfectly fine web browser that works very smoothly. Even if you have a slow internet connection, UC Browser Download will run perfectly fine.

Many sceptics often ask that is UC Browser safe to use? Yes, it is 100% safe to use and is free from viruses or any other malicious item. It gets downloaded in no time and after that, the installation is very easy as well (side-loading). It is powered by the all new U4 Engine and this makes it run very smoothly. Also, it consumes very less when compared to its previous version (around 20% more data efficient). It even supports cloud acceleration that makes all the webpages load quickly, consuming very less internet data. Because of this, the battery load and the load on the processor is greatly deduced.

UC Browser Download is a safe and secure to use app that allows you to browse safe. It has its own firewall settings (and also certain proxy servers). Because of this, viruses cannot attack UC Browser. Although, it is best advised not to open infected websites. This web browser checks for the integrity of the websites and blocks all the harmful (malicious) websites. Thus, with this web browser, your device is safe from virus attacks. Download UC Browser APK online for free.

Steps to install the UC Browser APK (process involved – side-loading)-

  • Download UC Browser APK online.
  • It will get saved onto a secure location on your device.
  • After that, on your device, go to Settings > Security Settings > Enable Installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Using a file manager app, search for the downloaded APK file and tap on it. Tap on install and the installation will commence.
  • Happy web browsing!

Download UC Browser for iOS-

Just like its Android sibling, UC Browser is equally good on iOS. After the huge success of this app on Android, the developers worked hard and came up a version of this app for iPhones and iPads. Again, it was warmly received by the iOS community. Just like on Android, UC Browser became one of the best apps on iOS. There are so many reasons to love this app and the app performs well on all the operating systems. Despite being a relatively newer app (on iOS), it did not fail to impress the audience and the number of downloads soared. As of today, UC Browser IPA for iOS has been downloaded more than 50 million times and the app is used by every third iPhone/iPad user. Download UC Browser IPA file today if you want to be one of the 50 million users.

UC Browser APK works great on iOS devices (just like it works on Android devices). In fact, there are no lags or freezes. It can run on each and every iOS device without any issue. Be it downloading the IPA file or even its installation, everything is very easy to perform. Just make sure that you have iOS version 7 or above on your device and you are good to go. The installation process barely takes a minute or two. UC Browser even works well on devices with a slow internet connection. Credits go its cloud acceleration and advanced data compression technologies.

With the cloud acceleration, all the webpages load quickly and it even consumes a lot lesser data than other web browsers. In cloud acceleration, all the web content gets loaded onto the UC Browser’s cloud, gets rasterised and is displayed on the device. All of this takes place in a split second and the web pages get loaded in no time. The advanced data compression is a part of the cloud acceleration and that compresses all the web data and the video that is played. You can either enable it or disable it as per your will. Download UC Browser IPA online for free today.

There is also an embedded video downloader and file downloader in UC web Browser. Now, there is no need to download any external or third party downloader. With UC Browser’s embedded downloader, you can download millions of games, music, videos, movies and a lot more for free. There is also a night mode feature in this app. The app also has an exclusive support for Facebook. It displays all your Facebook notifications and stuff directly on the home screen. Thus, there is no need to download the Facebook app. Again, it is a very light app that works great. Download UC Browser IPA for iOS online for free today.

The process of installing this app on iOS devices is known as side-loading. The steps are given below (turn on the Airplane Mode)-

  • Download the IPA file online.
  • Either switch to Flight Mode or turn off the internet.
  • On your device, go to Settings > General Settings > Date and Time.
  • Set the date to – January 1, 2014.
  • Find the downloaded IPA file and open it.
  • You will receive a message stating that the app is not secure and should not be trusted. It is a hoax message and the app is 100% safe. Tap on ‘I trust this app’ and the installation will commence.
  • It will get installed in no time, and you are good to run it afterwards. Remember to turn the Airplane Mode off / turn the internet back on.

UC Browser Download for Windows and Mac-

Just like the versions of UC Browser on Android and iOS, you can also run it easily on Windows/Mac devices (laptops and desktops). The only difference here is that you have to download the APK file and run it using an Android emulator software. A popular Android emulator software is BlueStacks Player. BlueStacks is a virtual Android runtime environment that emulates Android onto Windows and Mac devices. Users can run all the Android apps on their computers with this software. You can download BlueStacks Player online from www.bluestacks.com. Download UC Browser APK online for free today.

It is very easy to install apps on Windows or Mac devices using BlueStacks. It emulates a virtual Android OS in this small sized app and you can download, install and run Android apps using it. The web browser app does not lag or freeze. Also, there are no bloatwares or pompous elements. The interface is clean with all the shortcuts well placed on the home screen. Those of you who love to read and watch news, UC Browser also has UC News embedded in this small web browser. With it, you can get access to thousands of news channels and websites for free.

There are cricket cards in the app that provide with all the latest and the trending cricket news on the go. Now, you can watch live matches, listen to live commentary, share live scores and even get all the buzz around the cricket world. Not only that because you can also do the same for a lot of other popular sports as well. Simply download UC Browser APK online and start browsing the web. There are also a lot of proxy servers associated with it. Because of this, you will never find yourself stuck anywhere online. These servers are designed to help you open each and every website with ease.

It is a completely safe and secure web browser that works well on Windows and Mac devices. As long as you have the latest version of BlueStacks Player, you will not encounter any problem with this app. There is download management feature, data compression and even cloud system acceleration to make your web browsing experience worthwhile. It is a highly secure app that keeps your privacy intact. Not only does it make sure that your device is safe while browsing, but it also makes sure that it runs smoothly and without any interruption. Download UC Browser APK online for free today.

To install this app, you will have to download BlueStacks Player first. Do the following steps to download it-

  • Visit bluestacks.com and download the BlueStacks Player for Windows or Mac (depending upon your operating system).
  • Install it on your device.
  • Open it and sign-in using your Google id.
  • It will display a home screen and you are good to go.

To install the apps using BlueStacks Player, do the following steps-

  • Download the APK file online.
  • Open BlueStacks Player and click on Install APK (or simply drag and drop the APK to the home screen).
  • Search for the APK file and open it. The installation will commence in no time. Once it gets completed then you can run the app using the BlueStacks Player.

How to Download Free videos via UC Browser APK? (video tutorial)

UC Browser APK versus other Web Browsers like Google Chrome, Opera Browser and Mozilla Firefox-

Let us admit it, most of the other web browsers do not have a decent looking interface. All they do is to provide a web browsing experience and that is it. Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are decent browsers, but their interface is no comparison to UC Browser. UC Browser has its own charismatic and appealing interface that is not only light, but is also very elegant looking. On the home screen you get all the latest news and buzz. You can set from among 10 search engines in UC Browser. Other web browsers provide merely two or three search engines.

Other web browsers can run only on the popular operating systems while UC Browser app can run on a wide spectrum of operating systems. It can run on Android, iOS, Bada, Tizen, Java, Windows, Mac, Symbian and Brew. This wonderful browser also keeps your device safe from virus attacks and it also keeps your privacy intact. Other web browser may share all the personal user information, but UC Browser APK is absolutely safe to use. In fact, the app even receives regular security updates to keep this browser secure and safe. Download it online for free today.

It has its very own data saver function that makes all the web content load quickly and smoothly. Because of this, you can load a lot of tabs without the app crashing or the device freezing. All the web pages are pre-loaded on the browser and then only do they open. This causes them to load quickly and run smoothly. There are also hundreds of customization features like night mode, reading mode, force to zoom and much more. In case you are too lazy to touch the screen then you can also use your volume buttons to scroll up and down. All the news and cricket updates are displayed straight on the home screen. Other web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox do not support customizations.

There are ad-blockers and download managers also included in this app. Apart from that, it also displays the download speed along with the amount of data consumed while browsing. The ad-blocker makes sure that all the unwanted ads and pop-ups are blocked so that you get an ad-free browsing experience. It does not matter whether you have a 2G internet connection or an LTE connection, this app will work perfectly on every connection. With the download manager, you can easily manage all the downloads. You can also download movies, music, games and apps online for free with this web browser.

UC Browser is a highly valued and most widely used web browser in the world. It has been downloaded more than 200 million times so far. The active user count it boasts of it around 10 million users a day. The installation of this app is very easy to perform and once installed, it runs flawlessly. Today, more than 30% of the smartphone community uses UC Browser for web browsing. Thus, download this wonderful web browser to be a part of the UC fraternity.

Frequently Asked Questions about UC Browser(FAQs)-

1.) Is UC Browser safe to use?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use. There are no viruses or malwares and it makes sure that the user privacy is maintained.

2.) Will UC Browser Download run on 2G internet connection?

UC Browser does not require a blazing fast internet connection in order to run. All it needs is a simple internet connection (56 kbps or more).

3.) How to install the UC Browser app?

The detailed steps are provided in the previous sections. Refer to them to find out more.

4.) Can I download videos using UC Browser APK?

Of course, you can. There is an option that allows the users to download videos, files, music and images online for free. All you have to do is to enter the URL for the particular item and it will download it in no time.

5.) Will UC Browser APK make my device slow?

Not at all. UC Browser Download does not slow down any device. Just make sure that you have at least 100 MB memory space free so that there are no crashes.

6.) Can I add bookmarks for websites in UC Browser Download?

Yes, you can. Since it is a web browser, you can add bookmarks for all the websites very easily. It is a great way of revisiting web pages.

7.) Can I save a web page for offline viewing in UC Browser app?

Yes, you can save web pages and view it afterwards (even without an internet connection).

8.) What is Cloud Acceleration within UC Browser app?

With Cloud Acceleration, all the web content gets loaded on a cloud and then it is loaded on UC Browser. This makes quickly delivery of all the content to the end user client node from the server.

9.) Can I delete an already saved web page on UC Browser?

Yes, UC Browser APK is a normal web browser with which you can save web pages and tabs and even sessions. You can access them anytime and anywhere.

10.) Will UC Browser APK work on a single core device?

Yes, UC Browser app is a very light app that does not require a super-fast device to run. All it needs is a single core device with just 1 GB of RAM of run.

What’s new in UC Mini Latest Version?

Version –

– Major bug fixes.

– New and attractive UI.

– Fast downloading

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